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Thread: This month in the Magazines - March 2017

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    This month in the Magazines - March 2017

    RSGB Radcom:
    More 60m permissions – Slovenia and Niger
    2017 RSGB Band Plans
    New Products:
    • Daiwa SWR Power Meters
    • Third generation LFA Yagi
    • A 5-element 70cm Yagi
    • PicoAPRS transceiver
    • Latte Panda: a compact Windows 10 PC and development board
    The 80th RSGB Commonwealth Contest
    HF Cave Radio
    Review: Kenwood TH-D74E dual band digital handheld
    Antenna Modelling using the MMANA-GAL
    Cable Management System and Earth Bar
    Radio Frequency Interference
    The Six “G”s expedition to the Chatham Islands – ZL7G
    Homebrew: RF Power Measurement and directional Power Meters
    Review: Yaesu FT-891 HF & 50MHz Transceiver

    Annual Antenna Issue:
    • Does your Antenna need a Choke or Balun?
    • A Tri-Band Antenna without Radials for 2 Meters, 1.25 meters and 70 Centimeters
    • A Simple Antenna for the Entire 75/80-Meter Band
    • The Lazy M: A Vertical Antenna for the Low Bands
    Review: BridgeCom Systems D-500 70cm DMR & FM Handheld Transceiver
    Review: MFJ-269C HF/VHF/UHF SWR Analyzer
    Review: Low Band Systems HF Triplexer and Band-pass Filters
    Review: Array Solutions RA-S1 Rotator Controller
    Review: Pro’sKit Electronics Master Kit Tool Set
    2016 IARU HF Championships Results

    CQ Amateur Radio:
    Where in the world is Ifni? And what happened to Rio de Oro?
    Young Hams are focus of conference in India
    Results: 2016 CQWW RTTY DX Contest
    Six-Meter Moonbounce from Iowa
    A Simple Six-meter Loop Antenna
    Phantom of the Attic: A modified indoor 6-band Hex Beam
    When was the battery invented?
    Emergency Communications: Taking Inventory – of equipment, skills and people
    QRP: A Modern-Day Paraset
    Tips for Electronic Surplus Sales, Swap Meets, Tag Sales
    Setting up a TARPN (Terrestrial Amateur Radio Packet Network) Node
    Some Possibilities for Growing Ham radio
    China Developing Lunar-Orbiting Amateur Radio Satellites
    A Comparison of Feedlines Part II
    DX: How to Work Them All!

    The Spectrum Monitor:
    ADS-B Monitoring with a Raspberry Pi
    Review: Como Audio Duetto High Fidelity Wi-Fi Radio
    The Ionosonde
    Amateur Radio Satellite Gatherings & AMSAT Update
    A 1940 Bakelite Radio: Zenith 6D510W
    Transitions: Antennas - From 50 Ohms to the load of unknown impedance
    India scores a record: 104 (nano) satellites on one launch vehicle
    FCC OKs New TV Standard: ATSC 3.0
    2017 U.S. Airshow Schedule

    Practical Wireless:
    Review: WSPRlite and
    Review: The Yaesu FT-891
    Greyline Propagation explained
    Simple & cheap dummy load well into the UHF spectrum
    Data Modes:
    • Raspbian Jessie version of Linux on your PC or Mac
    • Data Modes: Multiple DVB-T dongles on a Raspberry Pi
    Emerging Technology:
    • Indigestible pills with built-in radio communication
    • Wireless nanothings
    • Flexible supercapacitors
    Getting more out of the TYT MD-380 DMR Handheld

    Silicon Chip:
    Putting a big 43-inch 4K monitor to the test
    Australia’s largest vintage radio exhibition: HRSA 35th Anniversary RadioFest
    Getting Started with the Micromite, Part Two
    All-new Swimming Pool Lap Counter
    The Stationmaster: walk-around PWM train control
    Bargain Solar Cells – and what to do with them!
    New SC200 Audio Ampliifier – Part 3
    El Cheapo Modules, Part 6: LCD Module with I²C

    WIA Amateur Radio:
    A Speech Synthesizer for the Yaesu FT-817
    piHPSDR Display and Control Surface Review
    Community event communications: 200km Murray Paddling Marathon 2016
    Notice of Annual General Meeting
    The Learning Game
    WIA 2017 AGM and Weekend of activities – Hahndorf S.A.
    Assessment and Licensing Matters
    TAC Notes
    Remote Imaging
    Making your Pixie QRP Transceiver less appalling
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