RSGB Radcom:
Review: SDRplay RSP2
Project: Arduino-based SWR analyser
Cable management system and earth bar Part 2
VK9NZ Norfolk Island 2016 DXpedition
New Products:
• IC-7300 accessory – receive antenna socket
• Tecsun S-8800 portable receiver
• Tytera SF-401 frequency counter
• Bushcomm Horizon Loop
Design Notes:
• Weaver (Third Method) in DSP
• dsPIC audio converter
• Using and programming dsPICs
HF Helical Antennas
Homebrew: Measuring SWR and return loss at low power levels
RSGB 2016 Committee Reports
RSGB Report and financial statements for YE 31 December 2016
• Quiet LED floodlights
• Air source heat pumps

DIY Remote Radio Now
RF Current Sensor
Omnidirectional 6-meter Horizontally Polarised antenna
Putting your SDR to the test
A Bluetooth Interface for Fldigi
A WSPR Transmitter for 30 Meters
• Kenwood TH0D74A analogue and D-Star VHF/UHF transceiver
• Eoncore USB digital microscope
• Peak Atlas LCR45 LCR and impedance meter
• Tac-Comm TRC-1 tactical radio carrier
• Pacific Antenna 10w single band amplifier kit
Operation at 4U1UN
The Sky’s the Limit: Georgia ham with a severe disability made his dream antenna project
Expedition to Antipodes Island

CQ Amateur Radio:
SSB Results: 2016 CQWW DX Contest
DXing from the Horn of Africa
Meteor Scatter with MSK144
Army MARS at 91 – Another Milestone Reached
W3CKU – From Radio Spy to CW Enthusiast
Exploring the unknown – transmitter and receiver using LEDs
Ham Radio Below 500kHz
World of Ideas: Go-Kit Edition
Review: HecKits dip meter lit
Practical Antennas and Tips for the QRP Operator – and for Being Heard
Why Your Half-Wave Dipole is NOT a Half Wavelength Long
Meteor Scatter: Pinging the “Roxs” with MSK144
The Almaty Radio Amateur League Series of Awards

The Spectrum Monitor:
Going Portable with Amateur Radio Satellites
Community Emergency Response Teams
Computers and Ham Radio Part 2
Motorized Ku-band satellite reception
Outernet Update: Free, One-Way Internet Now Via L-Band Satellite
New Life with M.A.R.S.
HAARP Returns to the Air
Icom announces release of IC-7610 HF +6m transceiver
DX Engineering TW 6m antenna
Morse Code: The Original Digital Mode is Still Hanging On
Radio Propagation: An Ice Age and Disappearing Sunspots?
Radio Australia: A Possible Return?
VOA at 75, WBCQ, RRI and RNZI
Turning the Tables: Reverse Beacon Network

Practical Wireless:
The SharkRF openSPOT 70cn DMR/D-STAR/Fusion Hotspot
The Minifilter DSP Audio Processor by Cumbria Designs
Buying secondhand equipment for beginners
Understanding Antennas – basic antenna theory
A return to AM – using modern techniques
DVB-T Dongles and JTDX
Morse – Activities, Practice and Resources
Interesting Exhibits: Museum of Power – Wales
AGC issues on Yaesu rigs

Silicon Chip:
Demand Response Enable Device – they can turn off your aircon
El Cheapo Modules Part 6: Direct Digital Synthesiser
Review: Keysight DSOX1102G Digital Oscilloscope
New Spring Reverberation Unit
The eFuse: never replace another blown fuse
A Digital LCD Audio ‘scope for less than $40
Micromite BackPack Touchscreen DDS Generator

WIA Amateur Radio:
New release: Radio Theory Handbook – Beginner to Advanced Theory
TAC Notes
An Unusual Antenna
A Super Simple 80 metre receiver from available parts
AIS Saves Lives!
Part 2: An Arduino SSTV receiver
Kite Lifted Antennas
VK5RSE Mt. Gambier Beacons