RSGB Radcom:
New Products:
• Acom 600W solid state amplifier
• The Trilby HAT
• Yaesu FT-70DE FM/C4FM dual band handheld
• New 1.5kW amplifier from SPE
• SunSDR-QRP transceiver
Homebrew: Single-band SSB/CW transceiver for the 160m band
Trying your hand in the new 2m FM Activity Contests
Antennas: The Gamma match
ATV: F6DZP MiniTiouner receiver
Taking part in the WAB 1.8MHz Contest
Multimeter breakout box
Design Notes: Novel homebrew CW transceiver
GB0WM Woolsthorpe Manor for British Science Week March 2017
An Update about Islands on the Air
Arkwright youngsters get a taste of amateur radio
Rejecting Broadcast Station interference
Multiband inverted V antennas – the downsides

• Elecraft KX2 HF QRP Transceiver
• LNR Precision MTR-3B QRP CW Transceiver
• Alpha Antenna 10-40 Meter Magnetic Loop Antenna
• Mastrant Antenna Guy Rope and Accessories
• Flex Radio SmartSDR for iOS
A Low-Pass Filter for HF Operations
Overvoltage Protection: A Modern Approach
A Portable, Full-Duplex Satellite Ground Station
Enjoying the Outdoors and Amateur Radio
Get in Gear with Portable Operations
Increase your CW Speed with Wordsworth
Flying Saucer Resonators for the HF Bands
WSPR Weekends
Bill Brown WB8ELK: Master of High-Altitude Balloon Projects

CQ Amateur Radio:
Long Path: Connecting a Yaesu Radio to the Pilgrims, King Henry VIII, and the shipwreck DE LIEFDE
Results of the 2016 CQWW DX CW Contest
Sherlock Investigates: A case of (Transmitter) Identity
Remote Radios and the Law
Complete Scores of 2016 CQWW DX CW Contest
Math’s Notes: AM, FM or Both?
Rumours Circulating of New, Massive Religious Broadcaster
Scouts Hunt Transmitters to Earn Radio Merit Badges
Belize Scouts get a Crash Course in Ham Radio
Kit Building: A Second Dip and a Filter
Learning Curve: Measuring Inductance and Capacitance with the LC-100 Meter
The Ham Notebook: Workbench Helpers
Mobiling: Worries about New Car and New California Law

The Spectrum Monitor:
Review: QRP Labs Ultimate 3S QRSS/WSPR Beacon Transmitter Kit
Tuning Out? History and Legacy of Longwave Broadcasting in Europe
Review: DX Engineering HF Portable TransWorld Antenna DXE-TW-2010-P
DRM – Digital Radio Mondiale Spectrum within a Spectrum
ISS: Digital packet resumes on 145.825MHz
Results of FCC Auction and Repacking of US TV Spectrum
New Insight into North Korean “Numbers”
The Truth about Lightning: Most of us are Unprepared!
Setting it Straight: The impact of Solar Flares
The Shortwave Scene in the Middle East
Shortwave: Korea (North and South) and SW; New BBC Programming
FCC: Introducing a new Band: 630m
Radio Restoration: Philco 48-360 “Woodie” Portable
Balanced Feedlines: Ace in the Hole
New Product: Icom ID-4100A Mobile D-Star VHF/UHF Transceiver

Practical Wireless:
Getting Started on 5MHz Part 1
Improving your SSB Audio Quality
Emerging Technology: Wireless Battery Charging, radio controlled drones, and LEO satellites
Add CTCSS tones to a second-hand transceiver
Raspberry Pi and JTDX
Updated Firmware for the DV4Mini
E-Layer and Sporadic E propagation
Turning a Short-Wire into a Long-Wire: capacitive loading
Ebay: A 40m CW Transceiver kit for less than £3
The KW 2000A Transceiver

Silicon Chip:
Technorama – a Community Radio Station Initiative
Industrial Robots – coming to a workplace near you!
Micromite Tutorial Part 3 – strings and arrays
Check your tyre pressures from inside the car
The latest digital hearing aids from BlameySaunders
A neat scaler: Turn your 10MHz counter into a 6GHz+ counter
The Microbridge: universal PIC32 Programmer plus!
New Marine Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Unit
Micromite BackPack V2 with touch-screen and USB
Vintage Radio: HMV’s 64-52 Little Nipper
Circuit Notebook:
• Using the GPS Analog Clock as a 1pps signal source
• Atmel-based digital clock and stopwatch
• Using a CAN bus to monitor individual solar panels

WIA Amateur Radio:
VK5 School Holiday Technology Program a Resounding Success
2017 WIA AGM & Convention – Program Update
WIA 2017 Board election results
An L-match antenna coupler for portable use
Build a Quargi for 70cm
How Secondary School STEAM teachers gain much from the ARRL’s “Education & Technology Project
Making Homebrew Beautiful with e-waste
Volunteers needed for WIA intruder Monitoring System
New book: Wireless Men & Women at War