Looking for GME Telemetry radio dealer software (Australia NZ) for TX3600-TX3800. I have a UHF CB repeater that uses 2 x TX3600T. The TX radio OP device has failed and I want to either swap the RX/TX radios around or convert a spare TX3800 PMR radio to a telemetry version as the repeater TX radio. Both TX and RX radios are connected to a RP3800 interconnect board. I understand I actually need to "flash" new firmware into the TX3800 using a different cable (9 PIN D to 10 pin header inside radio) to make it work as a telemetry radio. Of course with my existing software I can configure the TX3800 to accept control from the TX3600 RX radio, but I'd rather just swap around the failed radio and that's why I need the Telemetry Software to reconfigure them. Cheers.

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